Intro to Econometrics

ECON 418 (University of Arizona), Summer 2021 [Syllabus]

Student feedback:

"This was an amazing course and the instructor broke down the materials in an easily digestible way.""Mr. Drukker is a phenomenal instructor.  He keeps our small classroom engaged. There is minimal people who do not attend class which reflects on how engaging and interesting he makes econometrics. He is also very funny and makes the content of the class relevant to us, the students, and to our everyday lives.""I liked how Austin really broke down the materials in a way that made a difficult subject easy to understand.""Everything was well organized and he was very accessible outside of class.""The instructor provided good examples to help conceptualize different lessons being taught.""I especially liked the enthusiasm of the instructor and his dedication to the subject.""The instructor was amazing, I would recommend any class he teaches.""Austin helped put us at ease when it came to such an intimidating subject and he took his time if I needed help on a specific topic.""This was my first in person class since the start of the pandemic and the instructor did an amazing job of helping us readapt back to normal class."

Economics of Sports

ECON 323 (University of Arizona), Summer 2020, Winter 2020/21, Spring 2023 [Syllabus]

Student feedback:

"I really enjoyed Professor Drukker's enthusiasm when teaching. You can tell he enjoys the subject. Additionally, he is more than willing to help his students succeed by going out of his way to help. He doesn't penalize you for life but rather works to ensure you can continue excelling with the material.""Professor Drukker is enthusiasic about the subject and explains everything very well to students.""I especially liked the connection between the material that was being taught and the real world.""I liked how the professor used examples from real life and related it to the course materials.""The instructor was very organized and it made the course flow well. He gave great feedback on all the homework to help us better understand the subject.""The instructor did a good job responding to emails and making sure I understood the material. The lectures were clear and straight to the point.""Austin is very quick to return grades and feedback on exams and assignments.""Homework assignments helped me get a better understanding of what we learned in class.""Homework assignments were relevant to course material presented.""I especially liked how energetic and passionate the professor was about what he was teaching. It made the classes enjoyable and fun to attend.""Professor Drukker was great!" / "Professor Drukker is a great professor." / "The professor was awesome!""Thank you for everything you do for your students.""The teacher is extremely caring and dedicated."